I used to be a very consistent writer. I would blog every single week and my views were rising by the day. You can read my previous blogs here. But then life happened to me and the words that I wanted to say were too heavy that I thought it would be better for me not to say them. I write from my heart so it is very hard for me to fake words that I can’t find. I still have a heavy heart but on days like this, the gods of Maya Angelou smile on me and I am able to write.

A lot of times I look at certain life circumstances and I think to myself, ‘ I could write about that.’ But I never actually get it to it for some reason. But here are some things that have been on my mind.

  • Prince charming does not exist.

I mourn for the younger version of me that thought I would meet a man, we would be happy, get married, and have a bunch of babies together. Yet of late I have been feeling like the universe is telling me ‘get your life together, prince charming was a lie.’ I think that in my pursuit of prince charming I sacrificed myself. I stayed in situations that no longer served me, traded my self-respect to be treated like trash, and even sacrificed my values on the altar of prince charming. I forgot that happy ever after lies within. Even if prince charming were to exist. Prince charming would need to be connected to a heart, mind, and soul that is healed, not a war zone. So maybe now I try creating a happy ever after within me. I hope it works out, wish me luck!

  • I love being a woman

One time when I was younger I asked my dad why out of the 7 continents of the world God deemed it fit that I be an African. My dad of course told me how beautiful it is to be an African, but I didn’t believe him then. Now looking back, I think my perception of myself has improved. I love my black. I think I am a masterpiece and being black is an integral part of me. I look in the mirror and I no longer wish that I was white. Thankfully I am not just black, I am a black woman. Idk guys, mi I am happy being a woman. The complexities of womanhood are everything to be celebrated.

  • Being a woman is not an easy

In as much as I celebrate being a woman, I must acknowledge that being a woman has its own challenges. Sometimes I feel like it is I against the world. I have to fight to have a successful career and also balance that with a decent family life, I have to fight against a section of society that views me as purely a sexual object and not so much more, and the list of challenges is endless. All in all, I pray that I get to curve solutions to whatever challenges I face and lift other women while at it.

  • The woman on forest road, I see you, I am you.

I cannot end this day without talking about the lady who was groped at Forest Road. Make no mistake, that was an act of gender-based violence and my heart goes out to her. But when I watched that video, I saw myself in her. How many times have I felt overwhelmed by fear in the presence of a man because of his actions around me in that moment? A man grabbing my hand or any other forceful acts, I am all too familiar with that. So for today, I will not pretend that this is a ‘her’ problem. I have been her in so many ways. Maybe not in a vehicle surrounded by men, but I see you, hun, I am you, and one day, we will win the fight against gender-based violence.

  • I hope you find everything that you search for

Finally, my dear reader, I wish you well. I pray that the odds work in your favor. I want to see you find your purpose. I want to see you find your happiness. I pray that you escape anything that is meant to hurt you and even when you do not escape, that you make it out on the other side stronger and wiser.

Happy International Day of the Woman!

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