Women who have fought against all odds to be where they are today

2022…My year??

I don’t know about you but I love the Saturday sun. Something about it feels so healing. Sometimes I wonder what a utopia my life would be if I woke up feeling the way I feel on some Saturday mornings. Not every Saturday is like this though.. sometimes Saturdays are depressing. I guess it’s…

2021 in words

I can breathe. That is how I would describe 2021. I feel like my broken pieces started coming together in 2021. Looking at the events in my life in 2021 old me or an outsider would have thought that this would be my worst year. Between Kenya School of Law, not having a job and…


Written by Were Immaculate. 18th September 2021.   Disclaimer- I realize that the topics touched on in this blog are sensitive. If you feel offended by my choice of words, please note that it is inadvertent and every day I strive to tell the stories of women in the most sensitive and respectful way possible….